Restrictions of mobility in the hips and ankle joints influence the stability and mobility of the entire body. This six-week course works effectively and sustainably on mobility in these joints, with the focus on the so-called Pancake (straddle seat with folding forwards). After finishing this course, you have received many tools, which should enable a continuous and independent practice.


On the one hand, the pancake is the basis of many movement patterns from gymnastics, dance and acrobatics. On the other hand, by constantly practicing this pattern, many typical mobility restrictions, such as the back of the leg, inside of the leg, hip rotation, are resolved.


In addition to the exercises, each week there is a short video lecture in which theoretical background knowledge is imparted. This includes, for example, various stretching methods such as “Contract/Relax”, “Active mobility” or “Ballistic stretching”.

Content of this course:

Practical Part

  • Warm-up Exercises / Daily basic mobility routine
  • The „Cossack-Squat“ – the allrounder for the hip
  • Standing Pancake
  • Sitting Pancake
  • Supplementary exercises for balanced practice

Theoretical Part / Lectures

  • Week 1: „What is Mobility?“
  • Week 2: „The Contract/Relax Method“
  • Week 3: „Active Mobility“
  • Week 4: „Progressive Loaded Stretching“
  • Week 5: „Ballistic Stretching“
  • Week 6: „Continuation and additional tips“

Unlimited access to all videos and content. Clear PDF including practice plan. 150€ or 180€ with option for single Feedback.

Following some insights into the training of some of my students. Videos say more than a thousand words. Let the progress of my students convince you.

Aaron after only six weeks of intensive coaching on hip mobility – not an unusual case.

„Attended both Nil’s acro- and pancake mobility courses. My preconcived notion was that online coaching could never compete with hands on coaching, but My was I wrong. Being coached by Nil, my strongest impression was his broad knowledge and honest non-dogmatic teaching and breaking down traditional and modern methods of acrobatics/ movement/ mobility and really producing practical ideas and being very open to individuality and not afraid to give us material and trust our capability to chew on it as he later gave individulized and really pin-pointed feedback.“ – Tsz-Hin

All my deep appreciation for the program Nil! I like the progressive scalability and although I could not work on it 100% I feel I got the pattern on which I should work. Actually one can extend week 6 for anytime needed because it includes everything else. Then it is just a matter of personale management intelligence to go harder (but not too hard) on the right sections. I find this approach very valuable for any further mobility challenge I will take. – Antonio Bazzo


Do I need special equipment for the course?

You need a small area to practice on, a small stool and ideally some light weights (a backpack filled with books also serves the purpose).

I'm not mobile at all. Is the course right for me?

Yes! The course should lay the foundation for sustainable mobility training! The exercises can be adapted to your level.

How often and how long should I practice?

I recommend practicing two to three times a week for about 30 minutes. In addition, you can repeat the warm-up exercises daily.

What will I take out of the course?

You will learn how to design a meaningful mobility training and how to work sustainably on your mobility. You will also strengthen your muscles and keep your body supple.

What progress can I expect from the course?

Of course, your progress depends on several factors: your starting point, your commitment, and your constitution. In any case, you can expect to reach a new level of agility and body awareness. How long it ultimately takes to achieve a full pancake is of course dependent on many factors. But the process may well take several months to years.

Can I ask you for tips/help if I don't get along?

If you book the feedback option, you can send me a one-time video with all exercises from the program and get a feedback on it.

Is there a discount if I buy more than one course? Can they be combined?

For two courses you pay 250€ instead of 300€ and for 3 courses 350€ instead of 450€. The Pancake course can be optimally combined with the acrobatics courses.