The goal and intention for this Mentorship is an in depth technical and conceptual study of the listed topics which should result in a deep understanding of the practice. While I propose what to study, you will be able to integrate the material in your own practice to create a unique and individual process. Apart from the program itself, the Mentorship also consists of individual research topics that will be proposed through the process of communication.


The Mentorship consists of a minimum of three programs, with an option to elongate for another two, which will be even more advanced. Each program contains in depth breakdown videos and technical analysis videos, inspirations and research videos and a practice structure which is splitted into two separate practice days of each 90-120 minutes. I propose to practice according to the program for about 3-5 sessions per week. Every program should be practiced for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 weeks.

If you are interested in the Finding Flow Mentorship, click on the button and download the free info PDF. All the information can be found in there.

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