Over the last years I have organized and published a lot of content in form of online courses. Although I prefer face-to-face work, I see great added value in online work. On this page I would like to explain my motivation behind the online courses and show transparently how a practice in such a way can look like. As I see a lot of online offers on a daily basis (from bad to excellent), it is important to me to clearly formulate what can be expected from my online work and where its limits are.

To begin with: besides the online programs I would like to introduce here, I also offer completely individualized online coaching. The big difference here is that the online courses have a fixed framework and there is a pre-designed program. If you want to work with me in an individualized way, adjust the practice to your personal rhythm of life and reach a certain depth, there is no way around individualized online coaching. However, if the main intention is to gain insight into the respective topics and to practice the material by yourself, my online courses are perfectly suited for that.

First things first: if you have the opportunity to work with me personally, be it through participation in a seminar, through one-on-one training or via my online support, I would recommend that you decide to do so. Although I create my online courses with great care and attention to detail, certain subtleties, nuances or content can only be conveyed through personal interaction. In the best case, use my online courses as a complement to in person work with me, that’s what they are excellent for. In this way, the content can be deepened through independent practice – without losing relevant details!

So to answer the question “Can certain movements be taught in online courses?”: Yes, with certain limitations. If your intention is to become a professional handstand artist, my “Creating Balance” program will probably not bring you to your goal. If you want to become an acrobat and understand the principles behind acrobatic movements in detail, my “Finding Flow” programs are not the right thing either. But if your main goal is to keep your body healthy, to find fun in creative movement, to expand your movement vocabulary and to get inspiration for your own practice, then my online courses can be just the right thing for you.

Supple Spine (Spinal awareness and spinal health), Antifragile Base (building a solid fundament: feet, knees, hips and balance), Bulletproof Shoulders (Shouldermobility and Stability, Awareness over your shoulderblades).

Introduction to Soft Acrobatics, Communication with the floor (creative ways from down to up and up to down), Movement Sequences and dynamic, freeform movement. Suited for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Introduction to the Handstand. Tools for building a joyful and sustainable handstandpractice. Skillwork, Strength- and Mobilitywork, Overcoming the Fear of Falling and theoretical knowledge on the subject of standing on your hands.

Each of my online courses is constantly being revised and adjusted by me based on student feedback – an optimal learning process is my priority. Through training tips and theoretical background knowledge via lectures, as well as video tutorials for all exercises, I want to create a learning environment that enables independent practice. In addition, you will receive an example program in each course, which you can use to orientate yourself. You will receive the courses as PDFs – including all videos, tips, programs, further exercises, etc.

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