“Through my work I want to inspire and guide people to create a movement practice for themselves that enables them to explore the world and their body in the fullest way and facilitates health, personal growth and creativity.”


Nil has been involved in various physical disciplines since childhood and passes on his experiences and ideas for a holistic, long-lasting, fulfilling and joyful movement practice in his work since over 10 years.


His interest in working with the body and mind began early on. With an academic study in sports science in Munich, educational program to become a massage therapist and many seminar visits on a wide variety of topics, he then began his professional work as a teacher. Nil sees continuous further education, open-mindedness and a constant curiosity towards life as the foundation of his work.


His teaching is characterized by his interest and practice of many systems and disciplines, including rehabilitation & health training, acrobatics, skateboarding, bouldering, dance, strength training, gymnastics, parkour, combat, yoga, meditation, bodywork, didactics, pedagogy, etc. The way of working is and remains dynamic: new experiences are integrated into the work, obsolete material is discarded.


The teaching goes beyond the physical: aspects such as learning experiences and processes, exploration of the self, trust in one’s own body or fear management are an integral part of the approach.


Over the years, Nil has attended numerous seminars with various teachers, studied for himself with the help of books, articles, interviews/podcasts and maintains exchanges with various teachers. By clicking on this link you will be directed to a page where Nil’s teachers, peers and other resources that inspire and influence him are listed.

Insights into my current movement practice.

“The Beauty of Individual Expression” – Why do we move how we move and how do we move when we move?

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