Over the years I was fortunate enough to have learned from great teachers, educators and practitioners, spent time with colleagues and peers who are on a similar path and educated myself on various topics through great books and other resources. In this section you will find some of them.

Teachers, Peers and Influences

Tom Weksler

Tom has been a teacher/mentor of mine for some years now and someone who has pushed my practice and especially the way of practicing greatly. He is a dancer and choreographer for Wonderground Dance Company and educator/teacher at Movement Archery. Tom is one of the most dedicated practitioners I’ve met and the depth of his research inspires me greatly.

Fighting Monkey Practice

The philosophy behind the Fighting Monkey Practice resonates a lot with my believes and my knowledge of the human body. I’ve attended workshops of Linda and Joseph in the past and found their approach especially regarding the topics of chaos and play very useful for my work. I recommend their workshops and online work highly.

Wil Brown

With Wil I’ve been sharing ideas and collaborating on Workshops with for some years now. On top of that, he is a great practitioner and teacher and inspires me with his drive, depth of reflection and eagerness to grow as a human. I am very fortunate to call Wil a true friend and I highly recommend viewing his work via Figuring Things Out. I suggest to watch his takes on Physical Intelligence and The Thing is Bigger than the Thing.

Moshe Feldenkrais

Moshe Feldenkrais was a physicist and the founder of the Feldenkrais Method that aims to improve human functioning by increasing self-awareness through movement. His theory of integrating perception, feeling, movement and thought resonates truly with me and some foundational principles in my work where influenced by some of his books (“Awareness through Movement”, “The Potent Self”, “Body and Mature Behavior”).

Ludwig Hefele

Ludwig is a Munich based friend and peer with whom I have been sharing endless practices together. Together we created a beginners Handstand Program called Creating Balance as well as a shared workshop called Falling Through Space. Ludwigs first practice was and still is parkour. On top of that he both practices and teaches various other disciplines like Handbalance and Strength&Mobility. Visit his work via Instagram.

Jonathan Schmid

Jonathan inspires me with his calm and steady nature and his broad skillset. In his work – which he calls “Life Practice” – he incorporate bits and pieces from many different disciplines. You can view his work on his Website. Recently together with Daniel Peters he created a Movement Teacher Education which I wholeheartedly recommend if you wish to start teaching yourself. 


Lucia Toker

Lucia Toker is a dancer, acrobat and teacher. Her approach to practice and teaching is well thought through and has gone through deep research and refinements. I have been working with Lucia via her Online Programs and one-to-one sessions and am inspired by her love to detail. Visit Lucia on Instagram.

Anja Marinkovic

Anja is a soulmate of mine who I am fortunate enough to have spent many years with – exchanging ideas, sharing inspirations. Anja is a Yogi and is teaching via Herzarbeit, her personal approach to Yoga and spirituality. Her classes and retreats can be visited in Munich/Online. Catch her, if you can.

Sophie Becker

Sophie is a Munich based dancer and choreographer with whom I have been collaborating on a project called “Animalistic Groove” for the past months. In this interdisciplinary project we studied animalistic qualities through movement and refined our own techniques and movement language via experimental approach. View her art and work on Instagram.

Podcasts, Online Education, YouTube Channels

If you are looking for a top quality teacher education in the field of Movement, don’t look further. In this twelve month educational system you will learn everything from deepening your own practice, how to coach others, building a sustainable business and everything else that is needed as a high level trainer.

In this Podcast, Wil Brown shares wonderful and insightful conversations with knowledgeable guests on topics such as “What is Movement?”, Recovery Strategies and generally all things practice.

“The Online Exploration Group: Exploring Movement & Perception through first principles.” by Flynn Disney.

Joseph Bartz is a Berlin based movement teacher, practitioner and creator of “Lebenspraxis” – his take on applying the idea of practice to our whole life. His channel is filled with various videos, from free fMovement follow alongs to philosophical questions, pedagogy and more.

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