Via the online support I can help students to create an individually meaningful movement practice that will enable the body to develop more strength, intelligence, resilience and suppleness. After completing the support you will be able to continue your own movement practice independently.


Online support is a way to collaborate via Skype, video and personalized training program. As a student you will receive a personalized training plan, usually updated every six weeks, with links to videos/tutorials of the exercises. We start with an analysis of your current situation and set goals for the coaching period. During the coaching period you send in videos of yourself, which I then analyze. Afterwards you will receive feedback and we will adjust the plan if necessary. For general questions and suggestions we communicate via Mail/Telegram or Zoom. In addition to the physical training, you will also receive reflection tasks to help you gain clarity about motivation, intention and prioritization in your practice.


Core topics of the coaching are: Body awareness and body perception, general mobilization and strengthening of the body, learning complex movements and building a movement vocabulary which helps to increase creativity, dynamics and freedom. Of course the content will be adapted to your priorities.


The minimum support period is 4 months (3 phases of 6 weeks each) and costs 800€. Each additional month can be booked spontaneously for 200€. If you decide to work with me for a whole year, the support costs 2200€. The sum is to be transferred at the beginning, monthly payment is possible with exceptions. The costs are not refundable. If you want to work more directly with me, you get a monthly zoom session (approx. 90 min.) for 265€, in which we can work specifically.

If you are interested in the Online Support, please contact me by clicking on the button here. We then schedule a Skype call to see if our expectations can be aligned. I am excited to talk and work with you!

Super satisfied! After a very detailed anamnesis consultation, in which the goals as well as given impairments were discussed, I had my training plan in a short time. Then unfortunately seriously injured in training. But even then Nil completely changed the plan and adapted it to the new situation and we started all over again. Within the 6 weeks, he was always available for all questions without any problems and always answered them completely and to my satisfaction. As soon as I have cured my injury, I will fall back on him again. He seems to me a guarantor for a long-term and painless progress!  – Dominique

Since about half a year Nil coaches me online. At first I was a bit skeptical about online coaching, but I quickly realized that with Nil I have an absolute expert at my side. He is exactly the right person who knows how to reach my goals with his great know how. He has also introduced me to new areas, such as acrobatics. In case of questions he is always available and answers quickly, gives new progressions, exercises etc. The training schedules are super structured and very clear, for each exercise there are detailed videos. Everyone who wants to take his training to the next level is at the right place with Nil!  – Daniel


Is the Online Support right for me?

I have already practiced via online coaching with beginners as well as very advanced students. If you are not afraid of practicing alone and want to work on something specific, I can highly recommend the support.

What equipment do I need for the coaching?

That depends of course on what we practice on. For general strength and flexibility training, gym rings, parallettes, a few weights of 2.5 – approx. 30 kg are useful. For Soft Acrobatics and floor elements a free area of at least 10-15 sqm is suitable. If you do not have all of this, we will adapt the training to the circumstances.

How much time should I plan for the coaching?

I recommend between 3 and 5 sessions per week, which usually last between 90 and 120 minutes. You can also add a few minutes a day to practice on general projects and routines.

Does the online support replace practicing in a group?

Not at all. However, the intentions are different here as well. The main purpose of the support is to work on individual goals and to create a personal movement practice. In the best case, online support is a good complement to group practice.

What happens when I have questions/ when I can't train?

Of course you always have the possibility to ask questions which I will answer in time. I also expect two videos per phase – one at the beginning of the training and one at the end of the phase. In case of illness the training can be paused.

What results can I expect from the coaching?

That depends on many factors, especially how much effort and work you put into the practice yourself. I can only stand by your side and support you, the practice is up to you. I constantly try to adapt the program so that my students can take as much of the support as possible with them. Important: I work process-oriented and I think that success will be achieved if you go into practice with the right mindset and patience.

I still have questions and would like to talk to you about them before I make a decision.

At the beginning there is always a Skype conversation so that we can directly adjust the expectations of both sides and clarify all questions.