Individual Training

Individual trainings offer you the opportunity to work completely individually on problems, goals and challenges. One session usually lasts 60 minutes. At the beginning there is an anamnesis and an admission interview in which we determine the framework conditions.
After each training there are exercises for practicing at home + video links to the respective exercises. It is expected that the participants will work independently on their goals and that necessary measures will be taken. Of course, I help and give tips on how long-term changes can be realistically achieved.
In addition to the individual units, I recommend regular participation in my group classes and seminars. It also makes sense to train with the help of a supportive training plan. For more information, see my online coaching.

Services / Training contents

  • Body awareness and Embodiement
  • Mobility training and stabilization of all joints
  • Pain reduction, relaxation and release of movement restrictions
  • Posture work
  • Skill training such as handstand, acrobatics / flow
  • Strength training on barbell, kettlebell and gym rings


Single Session
100 € / 60 min.
Limited Availability 
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5 Sessions
90 € / 60 min. (450 €)
Limited Availability 
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10 Sessions
80 € / 60 min. (800€)
Limited Availability 
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Trainingsplan + Coaching
300€ / 90 min.
Limited Availability
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Backstage – Insights to my Individual Trainings

Insights into a session with Alexandra Wichmann – CrossFit Open Germany Winner 2017

Insights into a session with Sven – Bodyawareness and stability of the whole body

If you are interested please write a message/call and make an appointment with me.

I offer discounts for students.