“What is this exercise for?”, “Why are you doing these things?”, “WHAT are you training with?”. – ever heard that before?


I have – all the time. And rightly so!

Because there are so many different training concepts and methods and plans and exercise variations etc. that are meant to fulfill specific goals or results.
That makes sense most of the time: special exercises to compensate for bad postures, specific movements to help individual muscle groups achieve super growth, preliminary exercises for a difficult gymnastics element, breathing techniques for relaxation, and so on – the list is endless!
The main focus is usually on the “WHAT”. WHAT does this exercise do for me? WHAT do I train with it. (By the way, the same applies to nutrition: WHAT do I have to eat in order to be able to consume vitamin X45 in rough quantities – REGARDLESS of how it tastes?)
And for many people it may be important to train exactly one exercise that, for example, counteracts a hollow back (or to eat exactly this mega-food because of a deficiency) – understandable!
But where does it lead to if we only move to fulfill goal XY (or eat superfood Z just to get Vit X45 and so on…)?


Try to see the whole thing from the other side:
Children certainly don’t exercise to keep their cardiovascular system in good shape or climb on the climbing frame to train their coordination. Mostly, fun is a big factor – WITH the side effect of training coordination and strengthening the HK system.
Every movement brings benefits. If you get versatile movement, you get versatile benefits.
I was romping with a very good friend the other day and we came up with this phrase: move for movement’s sake – with all its benefits. Don’t make it more complicated than it is!


This is really not a “rant” against targeted exercise etc. – in special cases it is definitely necessary to ask WHY.
But try to “play” more often. Just move without thinking and without much structure – play!



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