“Know Thy Body” understands movement and body awareness as the foundation for long-term health and self development. The body and mind grow and heal through movement. How can a movement practice look like that keeps modern people healthy and inspires them to move?  “Know Thy Body” is designed to enable the practitioner to create such a practice that satisfies the need for movement and provides space for self-exploration.


Movement is more than sport and hobby. Movement is life. Our body craves for movement when it cannot get enough of it. And rightly so: through motion, joints, connective tissue and almost all structures are supplied with nutrients, strengthened and made more resistant. Modern life has almost completely eliminated the need for movement that has accompanied us for thousands of years. This is exactly where Know Thy Body offers support. How can a movement practice look like that keeps us young and agile? How can we perceive our bodies and needs better and how can we make our everyday life more dynamic? What can a movement practice look like that is so fulfilling and inspiring that we don’t practice out of willpower and discipline, but out of pure desire for physicality and intrinsic motivation?


Know Thy Body consists of four parts:


Meditation and Breathwork: Breathing as a gateway to meditation, different breathing patterns and methods


Postural Awareness: body mapping, dynamic posture, effortlessness and self-image


General Strength and Mobility: organic strengthening and mobilization of all joints in their entire range of motion


Softening/Massage: touch and its effects, suppleness and relaxation of the body


Previous experience is not necessary for the seminar. The methods and exercises can be adapted to all levels.

Nil is an absolute top trainer and has extremely broad knowledge about sports, exercise, nutrition and the human body. About 4 months ago I started training with Nil and since then I have made continuous progress with my goals. What is so cool about training with Nil? He passes on his knowledge with playful ease, takes you to the next level and celebrates every little success with you! Through him, my understanding of sport has changed and a new world of movement has opened up for me. Thank you very much! – Manuel Boll

Great holistic approach. One notices that he has an idea of his field. I have already seen super progress during the first training and immediately noticed where there are still deficits. And then I also got some approaches and videos to get my hands on them. Definitely recommendable! – Marco Zander

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