“The Intuitve Body” is a concept that deals with the topic of chaos and adequate reaction patterns to it. The participants experience a playful introduction to topics such as learning how to fall safely, partner games or object manipulation and are prepared for the unknown.


How can one prepare for the unknown? How can fast reactions be practised and what do appropriate reactions look like? How can we teach our bodies and ourselves to act intuitively again? 


The Intuitive Body is designed to provide possible answers to these questions. By continuously experiencing chaotic movement situations the body should learn to react intuitively and appropriately. The senses are sharpened and the body becomes more alive. We learn to deal with fears and to direct our own focus. The ability to concentrate is trained and the whole organism plays together harmoniously.


This is achieved through targeted partner work, concentration tasks and learning how to fall safely


Was at the Finding Flow Workshop in Munich and it was absolutely exciting, inspiring and challenging. You can see that Nil has a lot of experience and as a trainer – very important – he is very attentive and able to respond precisely to each individual. Everyone was able to develop within his own framework. The spectrum offered was wide and the group was very pleasant. – Handan

You could have been watching Nil move for hours. But his workshop exceeded my expectations. Not only does he teach the participants beautiful movements, but he also teaches them the far deeper principles behind his Finding Flow concept. His approaches, mindsets, and philosophies are madly advanced for someone as young as he is. The didactic structure of the exercises and his verbal and non-verbal support testify to a lot of experience and permanent further training. For me personally, a teacher, as one wishes. In addition, he succeeds in creating a unique atmosphere and group dynamics within a very short time that I have never experienced before. – Isabel

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