How much Mobility do you need?

“How much mobility do I need?”

As is often the case, there is no “one-size-fits-all solution”, it depends on several factors:

– your goals (if you want to be able to do the splits, you will need to put a bit more time into mobility training)

– your body type/ the nature of your tissues (person A: constantly tense, hardened tissues, difficult to relax -> focus on mobility training and relaxation measures | person B: very soft tissues, hypermobile joints, instabilities -> focus more on stability and strengthening training)

– Your daily movements (daily movements (work, household, …) should take place without great resistance and evasive movements)

– your training/movement requirements (different disciplines require different levels of mobility: gymnasts need a higher level of mobility than, for example, pure powerlifters (bench press, deadlift, squat) or golfers because of the elements determined by mobility).

In general, mobility does not have to be MAXIMISED, but rather OPTIMISED (on other conditions mentioned above).



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