After some years, Finding Flow returns to Switzerland, hosted by Movement Tribe Geneva. Join for an intensive and immerse experience where you will gain in depth insights into Nils various practices and study, explore and research side to side with Nil and the group.


Finding Flow is a seminar that grew out of Nil’s personal interest in ease in and self exploration through movement and many years of studying/practicing different forms of movement.


Ideas, elements and concepts from acrobatics, floorwork, dance, partner practice, physical conditioning, falling practice and other areas that influence and inspire Nil’s practice will be introduced, deepened and interwoven. You will gain tools to make your movement practice more dynamic, creative and playful and learn to move your body effortlessly and fluidly.


„Flow is being completely involved in an activity for its own sake. The ego falls away. Time flows. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz.“ – Mihály Csíkszentmihály

Dates and Times:


Saturday, September 14th 10:00 – 17:00 (including break)

Sunday, September 15th 10:00 – 17:00 (including break)




Gymnase du Stand, Rue du Tir 5, 1204 Geneva




269€ Early Bird (pay before July 15th)
299€ Regular (pay after July 16th)


For an additional 200€, you can purchase the Finding Flow Basics Bundle (2 Online Programs) or for an additional 140€ the Finding Flow Acrobatics Lab. Simply mention this when sending your sign up email.


Application & Sign Up:


All sign ups should go to

You will receive all payment details upon booking. Please inform yourself about our cancellation policy before booking.


This event is hosted by Movement Tribe Geneva.

The following content will be presented individually during the workshop as well as linked together. The exact content will be chosen spontaneously, as Nil likes to work with the energy of the group and set an authentic process in motion.


Conditioning, Caretaking and Mobilization:

How can we keep our bodies strong and supple all around? How do we take care of ourselves? This part presents routines and methods that can be practiced and explored on an ongoing basis, preparing the body for specific physicality. The approach is characterized by a playful, creative and diverse manner. Instead of linear, isolated drills we will explore rich and complex movement scenarios. 


Partner Practice:

Moving on the edge of the impossible. Through partners we can go where alone we can’t go. In playful scenarios we experience ourselves while supported, challenged and guided by others. From duo tasks to full group games. The approach is inspired by various forms of movement, dance and bodywork.

Falling Studies:

The focus lies on fear management, honing intuition, and trust in oneself. Through solo and partner exercises, creativity and problem-solving skills are challenged while effortlessly confronting fear of falling. Rolling and falling techniques are learned and tested in a playful way. The work is heavily inspired by Nil’s many years of skateboarding and acrobatics.


Acrobatics, Floor and Freeform:

The fascination of movement in space, on the ground and with gravity, elements from acrobatics and improvisation. Rolling, supporting, upside down, jumping, slow, fast, gentle, explosive and wild. How can we navigate from isolated, technical through more integrated, sequential and ultimately to freeform practice? How can concepts and imaginative work help to enrich our practices?

Nil follows an approach that aims to find effortlessness, lightness, precision and calmness in movement. It is less about learning particularly difficult elements and more about finding pure joy in expressive movement and flow.

Open Level:

To participate in the workshop you don’t need any special acrobatic or dance skills, you don’t need to be particularly agile or overly strong. What we ask you to bring is a mind willing to explore and a body craving for various movement. Also please be aware that we will practice a lot in direct contact with others – if you do not feel comfortable sharing this with strangers, simply bring a friend!

All participants of past events do not have to worry about repetitive material: the workshop is being revisited and updated frequently. While basic material will be taught in this one as well, Nil offers a great range of variations for all experience levels.


Post Workshop:

Following the seminar, all participants will receive a summary document with videos, texts and other resources that were covered during the weekend. It is understood that the resources will be treated with respect.


Online Program Bundles:

For an additional 200€, you can purchase the Finding Flow Basics Bundle (2 Online Programs) or  for an additional 140€ the Finding Flow Acrobatics Lab. Simply mention this when sending your sign up email.

About Nil:


Nil has been involved in a wide variety of physical disciplines since childhood and has been sharing his experiences and ideas about a holistic, long-lasting, fulfilling and joyful movement practice in his work for over 10 years.


His interest in working with the body and mind began at an early age. After studying sports science in Munich, training as a massage therapist and attending many seminars on a wide variety of topics, he began his professional work as a teacher. Nil sees continuous education, open-mindedness and constant curiosity about life as the cornerstones of what he does.


Teaching is informed by his interest and practice of many systems and disciplines, including rehab & health training, acrobatics, skateboarding, bouldering, dance, weight training, parkour, gymnastics, combat, yoga, meditation, bodywork, didactics, pedagogy, etc. The way of working is and remains dynamic: new experiences are integrated into the work, superfluous things are discarded.


The teaching goes beyond the physical: aspects such as learning experiences and processes, exploration of the self, trust in one’s own body or fear management are an integral part of the approach.


The work is informed by many teachings, including:
Tom Weksler, Fighting Monkey Practice, Moshe Feldenkrais, Katy Bowman, Ido Portal and many more.


3 Day Practice Intensive MUNICH


June 24th-26th 2024

Open Workshop

419€ – LAST 4 SPOTS

Finding Flow Weekend Workshop LISBON


September 7th-8th 2024

Open Workshop

250€ Regular, 225€ Movement Lisboa Students

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