A selection of Podcasts I was being invited on.

Finding Flow and Self Actualization Through Expressive Practice with Pat from the mbody Podcast


„In this episode Nil and I talk about; how a movement practice can provide us with meaning, self actualization, self discovery and creation, motivation, joy and much more, his experiences in the worlds of skateboarding and CrossFit, working with Tom Weksler, living to LIVE instead of living to be healthy and protected from harm, overcoming fears in acrobatics and skateboarding, understanding how concepts from a generalized movement practice can be practically fit into our busy practice schedules and lives, understanding chaos and order letting go and control in movement, authenticity to yourself, Nil’s evolution of ideas in regards to his movement practice, seeing mindfulness as primarily a mindset not just a isolated practice and much much more.“

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Flow, Generalization vs Specialization and finding an authentic and meaningful practice with Phaon from The Passive Hang Podcast.


„So what does it mean to find flow? Cikzentmihalyi describes it as this state of complete absorption into the task at hand. I think this is what is so beautiful about movement practice – moving the body – you ARE your body – and that’s it. Nil is a guide – helping others finding YOUR flow – not others. Nil shares his journey across multiple practices, including – the practice of letting go – letting go of competency, strength, things that don’t serve you anymore – to let in the new. The generalist vs specialist discussion continues… but I can see how Nil has moved past this – we get to hear about how he structures his OWN practice – which I could feel he truly enjoys. 

Other topics we cover is preparation of the body; specific vs general strength development, the role of chaos and the emotive layer in practice; perception of risk and falling. Lots of great stuff.“

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Interview with Aris from the Movement Coach Global Podcast 


„Aris is a good friend of Nils and produced a great project back in early 2019, interviewing over 50 movement practitioners. The idea was to converse and gain insights from as many different perspectives as possible within the movement practice, as well as get an insight into the person behind the social media account. In this Interview Nil talks about his journey into Movement, Authenticity and his professional work as a freelance teacher.“

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