Supporting Acrobatics Awareness and Conditioning

When practicing supporting acrobatics (acrobatics where you temporarily stack your bodies center of mass on top of the hands, like in cartwheels, macaco, forwards cartwheel, etc.) it is necessary not only to have adequate amount of strength and mobility but also to develop the awareness of where you need to place your arms so you can support your body best while doing an inversion. In this section I will show some very nice drills that you can use.

Core Principle and Drill for Awareness and Conditioning in Acrobatics


Today I want to share a great drill with some variations to support your “Supporting Acrobatics“ – Acrobatics that involve supporting yourself temporarily with one or two arms.


This drill aims to increase awareness on where to place this supports and condition your shoulders for expected load. After watching this, understanding the principle and practicing the given drills I hope you can find new possibilities and options in your acrobatics practice.


If you have any questions about the video and the content, please simply share and I will happily give an answer, providing I have one.
If you wish to engage in a practice that involves acrobatics, floor moves, playfulness and improvisation you can inform yourself about my Finding Flow Online Programs. On Monday, March 8th my “Integrations“ course will start – created for beginners movers with pre-existing knowledge.

‘Supporting Acrobatics‘


Supporting your body with one or two arms on the floor while dynamically going through different shapes. Awareness of where to place those supports in order to carry your weight for the duration of the acrobatic move. Awareness of when to push with the shoulder and when and where to receive the floor with a second arm/one/two legs. Awareness of where and how much tension/relaxation is needed.


I like squeezing through supporting acrobatics. Can you see that?

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