Setting Intentions – Same Move, Different Outcome

Same Move – Different Intention (Changing the effects of an exercise by changing the HOW and WHY)


Basic assumption: If you do anything with a certain intention, the results you will get, will be according to that given intention.

If someone else will do EXACTLY the same thing with a different intention, the outcome and insights gained will vary. This is an assumption that I noticed in my own practice and in my work as a teacher/trainer.


Main points of this video:


• How changing the way you perform a move changes the effects it has on you

• How changing the intention while doing a move can result in increased creativity and joy while practicing

• Why judgement of other people WITHOUT knowing their intention will lead often to confusion


I think being aware of WHY and HOW you are doing a given move/exercise is crucial to produce a certain outcome. Squat is not squat for example. If you have been doing mainly Squats as a lower body exercise, introducing this squat into a Floor/Acrobatics Practice will probably lead to a distorted view on the practice.

A new quality/intention is needed here. Practicing changing intentions is a skill that can enhance understanding, create a more open, yet critic mindset which is very important if you are involved in movement culture, where a lot of material is being presented and a lot of different styles/approaches meet.

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