Over the last years I have been creating many videos, published numerous articles and reflections about various topics and shared them via my social media channels. Since social media is a very fast medium, old posts seem to be lost after some weeks or maybe even just days. In order to save these posts and organize them in an understandable way I created this library. 


This library is divided into nine categories which help you to navigate through those posts, collections of ideas and reflections and visual material.

In the Learning & Practicing category, you will find material that deals with how we can practice and learn smarter. The Conditioning category provides an overview of conditioning videos as well as thoughts on that topic. In the Awareness and Perception category I present my take on self exploration through a physical and sensual practice. The Finding Flow category includes material around the body of work of acrobatics, sequencing, improvisation and other parts of my practice. In the Exploration & Play Category you will see a collection of thoughts regarding living an explorative and playful live. Practice videos is exactly what it states: insghts into my practices. In the Podcast section you can listen to some interviews with me. The Resources and Inspirations category lists teachers of mine, colleagues, inspiring persons, books and other resources. The Student Access category is only for students and contains exclusive material.

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