A selection of practice videos from recent years.

My Practice – An Introduction


Influenced by various inspirations, impressions and interests, my practice is subject to constant change.

While from the outside it looks like a pure movement practice, it really means much more to me. It is both a means to acquire body awareness and to explore one’s own body and the self, as well as a way to meditate, create and express. Presently I am inspired by acrobatic movements, dance as a means of expression and animalistic qualities hidden within us, which are not too seldom suppressed.

In this video I want to give an insight into my current practice and encourage the question: “What do you practice and why?“


Inspiration: Thank you to Tom Weksler , Aikido Kreis Ohayo in Munich, all my fellow co-practitioners and to nature for a constant source of inspiration.

My Practice 2020


By now it has become a tradition that I create a little video at the end of the year in which I show insights into my practice over the months. 

In 2020 I dove deeper into my practice of acrobatics, dance, improvisation and movement creativity. This year I have spent a lot of time in dojos & studios refining my existing practice and working on specific details. Over the last few months I have been able to develop new qualities and connections and I have learnt what it means to really focus on ONE practice. Thank you to all my teachers and companions in this turbulent and challenging year.

Algarve Aliveness is a short movie in which I try to capture what moved me in that beautiful and wild cliff in the Algarve, Portugal.


As I was sitting in my car at the edge of the cliff, drinking a coffee and reading an inspiring book, I again noticed the wild beauty of the Atlantic coast. The rain splattered on the windshield and the wind moved the car.

As I got off the car I felt the rain and wind on my skin, smelled the salty and slightly fishy air and felt the need to express this feeling of aliveness in a dance. The rain, the slightly soft sand and the approaching high tide added a slight element of discomfort which somehow added to the overall feeling of aliveness.

I did not focus too much on technical execution in this dance but let myself be moved by the situation and surroundings, allowing myself to simply move, falling for habits and enjoying the sloppiness of acrobatics in wet and soft sand.

A short film about a meeting with earth.


I smell soil and the forest.

I see light shining through leaves and dust that is flying around me.

I hear birds, the river and my own breath.

I feel the wind playing with my hair and dust all over me.

I taste the earth.

I move and dance and I sense the presence of life all around me.

I inhale I rise, I exhale I fall.


“To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles.” – Mary Davis

El Jardin


Inspired by Costa Rica, its nature, this garden, this song by @hermanosgutierrezmusic and mostly by last weeks Movement Archery Immersion led by @tomweksler and @roser_tutusaus I decided to have a little dance today.

The last two weeks where truly special and I feel alive.


Maybe this video expresses this aliveness a little bit.

Practice Development Playlist


In this YouTube playlist you can view how my practice has changed over the last six years. In 2015 when I first documented my practice and shared it, I went after a more generalized movement practice where I integrated various strength disciplines, bouldering, gymnastics and a lot of freeform/non-disciplinary play. 

In 2018 I started shifting from this very broad based practice to a more specialized one and focused on what I would consider now my art.


My practice will very likely shift back and forth from generalization to specialization over the next years and decades and you will probably see this progress somewhere.

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