Juggling Breakdown Analysis

In this video, a tutorial on how to learn to juggle three balls.


Depending on which glasses you look at it with:

– very easy for fun (everyone needs at least one party trick..)

– Hand-eye coordination: ball flies – catch the ball – without looking at the ball -> super important for many sports (ball sports in general, but also martial arts, …) and for everyday life: glass tips over the edge of the table – catch it etc.

– “Lifekinetics”: combining coordinative and cognitive skills -> slowing down the ageing process “TRAIN THE BRAIN”.

– Overcoming boredom

Anyway: juggling has many nice benefits – you can practise it everywhere – so why not?

Stay young,


This video is of course only a guide – in my online coaching you will find many other videos with drills and tips to make the training even more effective.


Here are also a few exercises with small balls to promote eye-hand coordination.

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